Permission: Granted

Change happens when you give yourself permission to imagine a better future — for yourself, for your team, for your company, for for the world — and then you make it happen!

What’s a risk you’re going to give yourself permission to take? What “no,” what constraint, what fear, are you going to tackle?

Most importantly, who will authorize your permission to do so? Answer: you will.

And maybe this will help: Permission slips! (Remember the permission slips you used to forge with your mother’s signature to get out of phys ed or chemistry?)

I like the symbolism of a permission slip, even if it’s a bit goofy. I used to keep a stack of them on my desk and gave them out to people who were afraid to try something for fear they would fail.

Permission slips basically “authorize” the same thing: to act on your imagination. Make one for yourself now.

Download one here

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